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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers. And if you need MORE answers, feel free to contact us!

About Us

What is fitfindr?

fitfindr is a service for all people interested in finding fitness groups, events and activities in your chosen location. Whether you are looking for something new to do in your city, or you are out of town and are looking for a group to workout with, fitfindr is here to help. We are a Social Fitness Search Engine (SFSE), allowing you the opportunity to GET FIT and GET SOCIAL! You can sign up for an account, create a profile, add your own groups and join groups already available. We have many more features coming your way very soon!

Who is fitfindr?

We are your everyday people who grew tired of not knowing what was around us! If we wanted to find a new yoga studio in our own city, we weren't sure where to turn or what others thought of it. When we went out of town on a business trip, we wanted to find a group of runners to join for a morning run each day! There are always a million gyms around us these days, but what maybe you want to see what other people are saying about one in particular before you join. So we have started fitfindr so that people can find the fitness that is around them, no matter where they are!

Aren't you missing an 'e' in findr?

Haha. Nice catch, but no, this is done on purpose. It's a bit trendier to do it this way anyways!

Using fitfindr

What can I do with fitfindr?

When you arrive at fitfindr, all you have to do is type in a zip code, a city, an address or even an airport code in the search box provided. Upon submitting your search, you will be presented with results, to the left of the map, along with corresponding icons for the groups on the map. You can click hover over the results to get more information, or click on the result you want to get a closer view on the map. You can check out the group's page for more information. When you search your location, you will also get a listing of upcoming events and activities around you too!

If you sign up to fitfindr, you can join the group and then have direct access the group updates from your profile so you can keep track of all of your groups in one place. You can also leave comments on the group pages, as well as create your own groups! There are quite a few features coming very soon, so signing up has its benefits!

Do I have to sign up to use the site?

Nope! You can use the search functions of the site with absolutely no signup required! You can even view the individual group pages. But of course, if you sign up, you can maintain your own profile and keep track of what groups you are a member of and what events you are attending. You can even add your own groups and events!

What is a "fitGroup" on fitfindr?

fitGroups are what fitfindr is all about! A fitGroup can really be ANY fitness entity in a city. It could be a local gym, a chain gym, a yoga studio, a running or cycling group, a park, a running/hiking trail, a golf course, a local tennis get the picture. It can be anything where you get fit!

I don't have my own group, can I still add to fitfindr?

Absolutely! fitfindr is a community driven site. While we have over 11,000 groups listed, there are thousands and thousands of gyms, studios, groups, parks, courts, fields all over that have yet to be added! YOU can add all of these to fitfindr! You don't have to be in charge of the group to add it. Adding the group to fitfindr makes it more useful to others using fitfindr to find new things all around them, and we are relying on our members to get things added! If you don't see a group that you know of listed, please add it!

Why would I add my group to fitfindr?

By adding your group to fitfindr, you are instantly giving your group visibility to others!  If you're running group is now on fitfindr, now others looking for running groups in your area can find you with ease. Get ready for some big group runs! fitfindr provides a central spot for your members to get up to date information on your group, find out about new activities or sponsored events and communicate with each other! One you add your group, make sure you tell your members/customers/friends about the group and have them join the group! The bigger the community, the more useful it is for everyone!

Does it cost to use fitfindr?

No, fitfindr is absolutely free to members and groups! No hidden costs. No tricks. It's free!

I'm a business owner and would like to add a large number of groups at one time.

Great! Send us an email with your request to and we will help you out!

My group/gym/studio is already listed, but I didn't add it. What gives?

We (or one of your members) probably took the liberty of adding it for you so that fitfindr would be useful from day one. If you are a group owner, and you’d like to own your page (add/edit info), please contact us at with the name of the group, address, city, state, and phone number and we will get back to you asap!


Something doesn't seem to be working right.

We are in beta, so you may run into some snags or things that don't work quite right yet. Feel free to email us at with your issue!

I have a group I'd like to add, but my group type isn't listed.

We added 16 types of groups to start, but do realize there are others that should be added. We will begin to add these in soon! In the meantime, feel free to email us at with which group type you'd like to see added!


What if I don't want others to see what groups I'm a member of?

Not a problem. Go to your profile page and click edit profile. In there, you have the ability to change your profile to private so that only your confirmed friends can see your profile!

What will you do with the information I give you?

Your data belongs to you. We will never share or sell your private individual information. For all the details, read our privacy policy.

I want to delete my account.

Aw, well we are sorry to lose you. If you'd like your account deleted, send an email to FROM the registered email address on file at, along with your username. While not required, we'd love to hear from you why you are wanting your account deleted. Happy trails!

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